Nishijin Artisan of Kyoto
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The KYOGO brand was launched in 2017 by the Kaji Nishijin Textile Manufacture, established in Kyoto for more than 150 years. Specialised in the weaving of Buddhist monks’ costumes and decorative fabrics for the most influent temples in Japan, silk threads are specifically woven with gold and silver threads to recreate extremely delicate and precise designs. To develop further its legacy, KYOGO’s unique technique was created through the mastery of the ancestral Nishijin Textile technique, resulting in the creation of genuine and innovative interior fabrics.

technology Technology

KYOGO produces one and only weaving fabric by grafting new technology that has been researched today onto traditional technology that has been passed on from the old ages.

Different expressions by three-dimensional structure

With precise and detailed calculation in order to make best use of the three-dimensional structure, a characteristic special to dyed pattern fabric, the fabric shows different expressions depending on the light and angle.

IBUKI006 from the front
IBUKI006 from the side

Technique of using gold and silver thread

Detailed expressions which are difficult without high technology such as smooth gradation and depth are possible with KYOGO. Also, by weaving delicately using silk, gold thread and silver thread, it become glossy and high grade making the interior fabric designs the atmosphere in an elegant way.


Gold thread and silver thread
Gold thread and silver thread

Smooth gradation
Smooth gradation

Difference of technique

It requires much experiences, knowledge and high skills to weave fine and beatiful textiles that match with the drawings.
The finished products are widely different from each other depending on the way to weave and the color thickness and material of threads even if the same design is used.


A picture of the finished products
A picture of the finished products
left: without thought as it is
right: on mature reflection with much trial and error

Nishijin Textile Nishijin Textile

Nishijin Textile is a traditional Japanese weaving technique born in Kyoto more than 1200 years ago, recognised as one of the best by the Imperial Court due to its preciseness and high quality. Passed down from generations as a high-grade representative technique of Japanese craft, precious threads are dyed before being woven in order to implement several designs into the fabric. The weaving process is very rigorous, from planning to designing, as well as yarn dyeing, rolling, warping, heddling, and processing gold and silver threads. A precise process for a unique fabric.

Process Process

Division of labor is the standard process and includes may different processes such as planning, designing, making the design, yarn dyeing, yarn rolling, warping, healding, and processing gold and silver thread. All of these processes are done by professionals of each process, and by having all technics gathered, one fine fabric is made.

process image of Nishijin Textile

Planning the textile which makes the space beautiful and luxurious

Designing the expressions of fabric

[Making mold]
It is most important process to weave beautiful textile


[Original thread]
Preparing original thread before twisting

Twisting origin threads into one thread

[Yarn rolling]
Rolling yarn again in order to set it the loom

The color of thread dyeing in this process is base color of textile


Arranging the number, length and tension of warp

Setting the warp and woof and weaving with careful attention to scratch and stain